I’ve got an anarchic attitude as far as fashion concerns. I do my best trying to be an outsider of all this bounge of current stereotypes launched by the market. I prefer having a more artistic point of view, I create when I really have something to tell about.
Music and fashion have always been part of my life. Music and fashion, in my opinion, speak the same language; pauses, dots, colors are part of the same creative process, just with a different use. What’s amazing for me is the matter of fact that they chase each other, they fall into each other giving birth to a new creative phase.
Vintage has been my training, allowing me to taste and enjoy creations the last fashion century has produced. I have always been fascinated, instead of popular designer creations, which surely had build up the basis for a start ,moreover by the inspiration and creative inputs of tailoring manufacturing that I have owned on over 20 years of vintage. The details fineness, the choice of precious and unique fabric, the cuts, are the great teaching I have tried to put into my collections, often limited or, sometimes, one of a kind, giving to each single item the necessary care which a garment that must survive over the years deserves.
Creation of limited edition “ CAPSULES” or unique tailoring items. Recycling materials took part, as well, to this process due to the fact that I work according to the green philosophy and so my lab is 100% eco- friendly. I follow this line both for the creation of clothing items and accessories with intent of respecting the environment and of using high quality materials which otherwise would have gone lost, in this way I can always guarantee unique garments.
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